About me

My name is Nabaraj Budha Magar (Nabaraj Budha 'Nabin Udashi' ) from Rolpa, Nepal. Currently, I work as an editor of Global Nepal News (Nepali magazine) in UK. 
I am interested in web graphics, journalism and literature. After putting a lot of efforts into the writing, I've brought my debut Ghazal collections Parkhaika Batoharu and Collection of unitate Rolpali Ghazal r Ghazalkar, Pyas National Ghazal magazine, Janamat literatuer newspaper, Indreni to the market. And another collection is also coming up. In the realm of music, there are some lyrics and ghazals of mine, such as 'Basantamai ujadi gayen ..., Jindagiko yatra ..., Nari hinsako ... etc. have been sung by some singers both male and female. I do write in various genres like contemporary article, story, poem, ghazal, Muktak and Haiku etc. Besides this, I also share feelings of daily lives, events in newspapers, on Facebook and Twitter, not on a daily basis. I halt for months. When I am in a good mood I update my status anxiously in a day.